Bad Judge Hawaii – Judge Lloyd Van De Car

The appeal is taken pursuant to Rules 3 and 4 of the Hawaii Rules of Appellate Procedure and Hawaii Revised Statutes Section 641-1 from a final judgment of a compilation of cases, including that which not only denied Petitioner of custody, but prohibited him from any contact with his children whatsoever, and that which denied Petitioner of his civil rights when an order for protection was provided his accuser against him without an evidentiary hearing or due process.
Further, Respondent – Appellee’s false recount of an event which occurred in Sweden was given ample weight by the court while the Hague Court Order and the U. S. Federal Law which supports it were dismissed and deemed to be hearsay by the same court.
Respondent – Appellee’s continued false allegations subsequent to the wrongful issuance of the order for protection wreaked havoc on Petitioner-Appellant’s life and the lives of his minor children.
Petitioner asserts that the lower court’s prohibition of contact between him and his children and issuance of an unfounded order for protection and it’s ensuing consequences occurred without valid or probable cause, contradictory to reason, and with gross prejudice which injuriously affected his substantial civil rights.
Please see U. S. Supreme Court Ruling Stanley vs. Illinois
The final judgment in this matter was filed on January 2, 2015 and is attached hereto. The
2015 Notice of Appeal was filed in a timely manner on February 2, 2015.

The Problem

1. Attorney Mirtha Oliveros uses this unfounded TRO to Defame the Character of Mr. Abdul for the purpose of gaining custody of the 4 Abdul children for her client Anna (Abdul) Jacobsson.
2. Anna (Abdul) Jacobsson uses the TRO as a weapon of retaliation against Mr. Abdul for winning the return of his children with the help of the International Hague Court.
3. Judge Lloyd Van De Car uses this TRO to punish Mr. Abdul for having No Criminal Record that can be used against him to strip him of his Legal Custodial Rights and to Provoke Mr. Abdul into some kind of illegal reaction to be used as a reason to prevent him from ever gaining custody of his children.
4. This so called, “Order for Protection” in fact, Protects no one from anything. Judge Lloyd Van De Car applies this Unjust TRO as a Punishment against Mr. Abdul with exactly the same restrictions and punishments that a real Criminal receives who is actually Convected of a real Crime and serving Probation.

The Solution

1. Dissolve this so called “Order for Protection” which is being unjustly applied as a “Probation” against an innocent man with no convictions of any kind and Appropriately Restore All of Mr. Abdul’s Constitutional Rights.
2. Award Mr. Abdul Sole Legal Custody of his children. He is No Criminal and has always been the Primary Care Giver up until their Abduction in August of 2012.
3. Seek Appropriate Legal Action against Judge Lloyd Van De Car, Attorney Mirtha Oliveros and Anna (Abdul) Jacobsson for the Actual Crimes which they have Knowingly and Intentionally Committed over the past 3 years in this case.
4. Remove the stains of all this Illegal Action from Mr. Abdul’s Criminal Record and Restore his Good Name in the Community as it was before this Illegal Action occurred.
5. Appoint Oversight Investigators to review the job performance of Judge Lloyd Van De Car in all his cases and Appropriately Remove him from the Bench for Gross Violations of The United States Constitution and The Bill of Rights.
6. Inform the Office of Disciplinary Counsel about the Illegal Actions of Attorney Mirtha Oliveros in her effort to win cases for her clients by using Perjury and Deformation of Character of an Innocent man.
7. Apply Child Abuse Charges against Judge Lloyd Van De Car, Attorney Mirtha Oliveros and Anna (Abdul) Jacobsson for the Horribly Abusive way that the 4 Abdul Children have been Deliberately victimized by these Legal Professionals and their Mother.

Judge Lloyd Van De Car is very afraid of this information. Why?



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